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Luftbild Verkauf und Vermietung Alte Messe Leipzig

Alte Messe – Land for Sale
Room for Ideas

The Alte Messe offers room for ideas – from time immemorial. No matter how thick the ice was between East and West during the Cold War, twice a year it melted in the exhibition halls in Leipzig. Many of the discussions held back then yielded ideas for a new direction in the 1990s.

The idea:

A carefully crafted location for science and business right in the heart of a lively part of the city. Some of the former 16 exhibition halls have been replaced by new buildings. Other listed buildings were retained, renovated and modernised. Take the Kreis‘sche Kuppelbau, for example, which has meanwhile become the “People‘s Palace” and a centre of entertainment dining. Or the legendary Soviet Pavilion whose monumental star-topped spire shines in the skies above Leipzig.

The spacious site also offers numerous other businesses room to evolve. Prestigious car showrooms like those of BMW or Honda enjoy a brisk business. Max Planck Institute, BIO CITY and Fraunhofer Institute attract scientists and business people alike, where prolific scientific ideas are exchanged in close proximity to the German National Library.

You are invited to submit your entrepreneurial, economic or cultural plans!

Information Material

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